Download Sources

McAfee does not make its software publicly available to download. You must be a McAfee customer with a valid grant number or licensed ePO in order to download.

Product Downloads – requires Grant Number
ePO Software Catalog – requires licensed ePO server

• Standalone – designed to be used without ePO -or- designed to be installed without using ePO
• ePO Package – designed to be checked-in – this is endpoint software that is installed from ePO.
• ePO Extension – designed to be checked-in – this is used to configure software installed from ePO.
• Documentation – install guides, product guides, release notes, etc.


General Info:
SNS – McAfee Support Notification Service – receive emails about product updates
PER – How to submit a new Product Idea – create an enhancement request

NameKnown IssuesMER ToolSupported Platforms
MAMcAfee Agent for MacKB93773KB86785KB51573
DXLDXL ClientKB90005
ENSMEndpoint Security for MacKB85855KB87626KB84934
TPENS Threat PreventionKB85825
FWENS Firewall
WCENS Web Control
ATPENS Adaptive Thread ProtectionKB90658
MNEManagement of Native EncryptionKB91240KB79508KB79375
MCPMcAfee Client ProxyKB83131KB92089KB74182
FRPFile and Removable Media ProtectionKB85807KB76759KB81149
DLPData Loss Prevention and Device ControlKB89301KB86628KB68147
MVEDRMVISION Endpoint Detection and ResponseKB91275KB92109KB91345